Top Patient Transfer Trolley Supplier in Delhi

As a leading patient trolley manufacturer in Delhi, we provide all kinds of trolleys and stretchers including foldable stretcher, ambulance stretcher, scoop stretcher, stainless-steel trolleys, stretcher on trolley mattress, spine board, and many more.

We keep in mind the wide range of requirements in the medical sector and the feasibility of our clients. We can satisfy if you have special requirements, with advanced equipment, and a specialized team of technicians. All the patient transfer trollies manufactured by Delight Hospitech are in high demand at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other multi-specialty centers for easy handling and carrying patients from one place to another.

We are a leading patient transfer trolley provider in Delhi that uses high-quality stainless steel and sophisticated machines in the production of these trolleys and stretchers. We have high-quality checking points that rigorously check various parameters of products. The trollies and stretches designed by Delight Hopitech are highly durable and available at affordable prices.

The biggest quality of the patient transfer trolley designed by our manufacturing unit is that it is corrosion free and sturdy which means it is easy to clean. These stretchers come with a ratchet system and trollies can be coated with epoxy powder coating so that the surfaces do not feature cracks in the future. This is done to ensure higher durability of trollies and minimize the maintenance cost of it.

At Delight Hospitech we have the best patient trolley manufacturing unit, which allows us to successfully cater to the varied needs of our customers. This unit is supported by sophisticated technology, tools & equipment, and our expert team always takes direct feedback from healthcare professionals. Only then we manufacture quality products that enable you to deliver the most efficient, effective patient care.